Doctor Search Criteria

Wopiz makes it easy to find the best doctor for you. Wopiz do this by applying a smart algorithm. The algorithm calculates best doctor by a number of factors and provides a list of top doctors in relevance to the search.

How doctors search work:

  1. Search Term – Higher importance is given to the location and specialization provided for search. The search algorithm first looks for city and filters the doctors with respect to specialization. It has the ability to look for nearby doctors and sub specialties also which a user may not have mentioned. It is done based on distance between the places and doing a search in 10 km radius. Wopiz maintains a linkage between speciality and its sub specialities so search done on one can give results from the other based on score.
  2. Recommendations – Wopiz provides a mechanism for doctor recommendation. This is based on simple voting system. The users who took an appointment from a doctor can simply gives a thumbs up to a doctor. The recommendations are used in the search algorithm as well.
  3. Feedback – This allows patients to provide a summary of their experience in a positive or negative manner. The things considered in a feedback are waiting time, honoring appointment time, hygiene of the place for appointment etc. Based on feedback scores are assigned to doctors which helps in the final rankings.
  4. Doctor Details – Wopiz search algorithm also consider information like how many years of experience a doctor have, his/her qualifications. This is considered as a major factor in the final rankings.
  5. Appointments – We take into account number of appointments a Doctor have in a time period. This data is taken from Wopiz appointment system and also with help of our on field staff that collects data from multiple practices.

We believe that this will be a dynamic algorithm and we will need to keep on improving it. We will consider many more factors in future like number of views on a doctors profile, number of appointment cancelled by doctor and we will also create an algorithm to find which patients has more influence (based on number of their followers and fans) thus adding weightage to their feedback.