Online consult with doctors – How it works ?


Wopiz online consult with doctors service is free to be used by patients. We at Wopiz strongly believe that it is not possible to diagnose correctly without interacting with client physically. Online consulting service is for patients. There are multiple benefits and ways the consulting service can be used.

  1. Patients are usually accompanied by companions in our environment and are reluctant on many questions that they are not comfortable to answer in front of the companions . Also people are shy about talking many private matters. They can use the Wopiz online consult with doctors service to post their query and get answer.
  2. Most of the time, patients want to know which speciality should they refer. This is job of general physician but people here can directly access consultants. This by passing of general physician can lead to wasting precious time and money. So they can post their problem and get free consultation about the speciality they should be visiting.

Wopiz online consult answering is restricted to verified Doctors only.


  1. Saleem,

    This is online consulting service free of cost. A patient can post his/her query and get answered by a verified Doctor. Wopiz consult is more like a forum.


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