How to get appointment of a doctor ?


Wopiz helps to find the best doctor for patients and provides an easy way to get an appointment of a doctor. We maintain constant contact with doctors and keep their schedule up to date for the patients with providing details like their timing, clinic place, contact numbers.

There are multiple ways a patient can book an appointment:

  1. We displays doctors from thousands of doctors record in Wopiz. Patient can select the best one according to their preference with respect to place, availability and price and contact them to book an appointment using phone number provided.
  2. If the patient prefer not to book an appointment directly, he/she simply can contact us and Wopiz will make sure they get the confirmed appointment from the doctor.
  3. Wopiz works directly with Top Doctors in Lahore and have the authorization to take an appointment on doctors behalf. We make this process easy and swift by presenting the future schedule in easy to understand manner. User can select the day and timing he prefers for the appointment. We make sure that we check with Doctor one more time and after confirmation provide patient a confirmation email/sms for their appointment.

Finding the right Doctor and booking an appointment is a critical part in getting a better healthcare. Wopiz believes in making bookings and appointments painless and hassle free for both doctors and patients. We also provide patients with ability to cancel an appointment and also will inform before hand if a Doctor cancels an appointment.